Commitments / Social Responsibility

An equal opportunity employer, at Maral Overseas, we see employee welfare not merely as an altruistic endeavor, but more as a business imperative. After all, a contented workforce is a committed workforce. Maral Overseas is committed not only to overall employee welfare but also lays stress on community development activities like education, health care, community service and supporting basic infrastructure.

At Maral, 'Q' Welfare combines social compliance and sustainable development. Utmost care is taken to build and nurture a green environment by planting thousands of trees, promoting organic farming and recycling the water from the dyeing and finishing plant. To achieve this objective, water from the dyeing & finishing unit is recycled through an ETP and re-used.

Besides, Maral Overseas Limited actively oversees the following initiatives towards community welfare and development:

  • A school (Vivekanand Vidhya Vihar) offers subsidized education to the children of Maral employees and neighboring towns.
  • A fully equipped dispensary, four bed hospital with a doctor and three paramedics for round-the-clock service.
  • A subsidized canteen and mess with one kitchen for both workers as well as officers.
  • A housing colony with parks and playground for over 1800 workers, staff and their families.
  • A cooperative store and a bank with ATM.
  • No distinction on the basis of gender, religion or ethnic origin. No child labor is employed. A large number of women are employed in the plants.
  • Apart from vegetable and fruit farming, the factory even has its own dairy unit with 40 cows to take care of the needs of residents.
  • Regular meetings are conducted for the workers to foster a sense of belonging and to encourage two-way communication amongst workers.
  • Community events take place at least once a month besides celebration of religious festivals.
  • A sports club with facilities for gym, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, etc.
  • Strict adherence to the laws of land with regard to minimum wage, age, over-time, Social security etc. We have made several committees with participation of associates which raise various issues for discussion on a common platform.