Our focus has always been to create innovative yarns which are environmental friendly, socially compliant, fashionable and add aesthetic value to the final product. Our effort has been to bridge the gap between Fashion, Environment and Social aspects. In this pursuit, we have successfully launched many products like:

  • Organic Cotton blends with Bamboo & Modal fibres.
  • Organic Cotton / Linen
  • Fairtrade Organic Cotton Yarns
  • Slubs & Flamme in Organic, Bamboo & Fairtrade.

With our clear vision on the importance of linking Fashion with Sustainability, we were among the first ones to commercially launch Fairtrade & Organic yarns.

Our experiments of using long & extra long staple cotton for producing coarse counts were a great success in the towel industry. These includes PIMA, GIZA & MCU cotton spun into counts like Ne 12s to Ne 20s.

Our infrastructure and flexibility in taking small mixing backed by ample stock of different fibres gives us an edge to reduce lead times for such innovative blends.

We are also working on following new products:

  • Soya fibre blended with various cottons
  • Milk fibre blended with various cottons.
  • Recycled Cotton Yarns


  • Developments with ELS Cottons: Considerable work is being done on fabric developments using Extra Long Staple Cottons like Giza & Suvin Cotton.
  • Developments on new fibers like Modal & Tencel are gaining importance. Tencel gives a very soft fabric and is an important sustainable product in the market.
  • Soya/ Bamboo & its blends with Organic Cotton & Fairtrade Cotton.
  • Slubs & Flamme in Organic, Bamboo & Fairtrade.
  • Multifiber blends of Cotton/ Polyester/Soya/ Lycra and Cotton/ Soya/ Lycra etc.
  • Special finishes like Cool & Fresh ( this is a special finish that gives anti bacterial & wicking properties) / Anti UV / Teflon Finish / Resin Finish / Gold Finish etc.
  • Fairtrade Cotton fabrics in solids & YD, including printed FT Lycra fabrics.
  • Blends with Micro Modal are also being produced.
  • Offering well embroidered and knitted fabrics to customers in India/ Abroad.
  • Organic Cotton