Product Range / Yarn


Maral has a state-of-the-art infrastructure to produce top class yarns. We have renowned technologies from best brands like Rieter, Schlafhorst, Murata, etc. The list of machinery is as below:

Raw White Yarn
Process Machine Brand
Blowroom Rieter
Contamination Sorters Loptex
Carding Rieter
Draw Frame Rieter
Combing Rieter
Simplex LMW
Ring Frame LMW
Slub Attachment Pinter, Spain
Core Spun Attachment Pinter, Spain
Auto Winders Schlafhorst / Murata
Electronic Yarn Clearers Loepfe
TFO Murata
Conditioning Xorella
Dyed Yarn
Process Machine Brand
Soft Winding SSM, Italy
Dyeing Vessel Thies, Germany
Hydro Extractor Dettin, Italy
Radio Frequency Dryer Satalam, Italy
Yarn Winding SSM, Italy
Testing Equipments
Name of Instrument Make
Premeir Tester - 4 Premier Polytronics, Coimbatore
Uster Tester - 3 (With Hairiness) Zellweger Uster, Switzerland
Uster Tensorapid - 5 Uster Technology, Switzerland
Classimat II Premier Polytronics, Coimbatore
Coeficient of Friction Meter Zweigle, Germany
Electronics Twist Tester Mesdan, Italy
Zweigle Hairiness Tester Zweigle, Germany
Splice strength Tester Mesdan, Italy
On line Classimat on Autoconer Zellweger Uster & Loepfe brothers, Switzerland