Taking advantage of our in-house versatility of spinning capabilities we are capable of offering a diverse range of knit fabrics at a shortest possible time. Our product range includes fabrics like Single Jerseys, Ribs, Interlocks, Piques, Honey Combs, Fleece, Plaited & Variegated Structured fabrics, Feeder & Engineered stripe etc. in 100% cotton and various blends

This diverse range of knit fabrics can be supplied in Ribs, Interlocks & Single Jerseys in various weight ranges. To cater to the mounting demands of the top end apparel brands, our innovative ventures continue to innovate to introduce new value added products with relevant performance finishes.

Basic Products in 100% Cotton

Knit Type GSM Range Open Width Range (CMS)
Single Jersey 100-280 120-180
Rib 140-350 140-170
Interlock 170-250 150-176
Piquet 170-250 190-220
Fleece (Two Thread Loop back) 170-280 164-196
Fleece (Three Thread Loop back) 260-400 186-198
French Rib 180-330 140-160
Pointelle 140-240 140-165
Autostripers/ Engineered Stripe (In Jersey and Piquet) 120-250 140-215

Spandex Fabrics

Knit Type GSM Range Open Width Range (CMS)
Single Jersey Spandex 140-240 156-198
Rib Spandex 180-400 140-170
Interlock Spandex 180-250 150-176
Piquet Spandex 180-200 180-194
Fleece Spandex 220-280 168-190

Special Fiber & Yarn

  • Bamboo & Blends
  • Soya & Blends
  • Organic Cotton
  • Fairtrade Certified Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Slub Fabric
  • LENZING™ Modal/Birla Modal & Blends
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell & Blends

Special Finishes

  • Moisture Management
  • Real Cool
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Teflon
  • Enzyme/Bio wash
  • Anti Bacterial
  • UV Protection
  • Stain repellant
  • Anti Odour
  • Anti Microbial
  • Fragnance Finish
  • Wicking Finish
  • Gold Finish
  • Liquid Finish
  • Anti Viral

Quality Control

  • Good Quality autoconed, spliced, SIRO cleaned, low twist yarn is used to get highest quality fabric.
  • Company ensures removal of any contamination that may have escaped during the spinning process. The company goes a step further by deploying dedicated workers for managing it skill fully. American cotton yarns are used to tender contamination free white and light fabrics.
  • The dyeing and shrinkage properties have been perfected on machines from Greece, Switzerland & Germany.
  • Professional care is taken while matching colours, lot by lot on the Data Colour Computerized Colour Matching System (Spectraflash SF - 600 Plus CT), which is proficient in matching colours in different media light.
  • Chances of any mismatch of shades are avoided by preparting the lab dips on the Ahiba Nuance Spectra dye plus sample dyeing machines, which imitates the exact process parameters to circumvent any chance of disparity in shades.
  • To meet the requirements of our valued customers, we have equipped ourselves with all kind of most up-to-date testing machines from James H. Heal, UK such as TITAN, WASCATOR, GYROWASH for testing the quality parameters of finished fabrics

Capacity 700 Tons

  • Maral's Fabric Division consists of 700 tons capacity in the approximate batch sizes of 150-800. This includes 250 tons of Stretch fabric, 30 tons of Printed Fabric and 50 tons of stripes Fabric

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