Quality & Innovation have always been engrained into the culture of Maral starting from sustainability in production designs, sustainable practices in the industry in terms of standards and certificates, sustainable business models to environmental sustainability in the textile industry.

Central goal of our Research & Development center is to deal with impulsive and unpredictable world of fashion textile, We strive to fulfill the expectations of our customers & inspiring them at the same time through our range of diverse products.

Our research team helps us lead the competition in the market all the time, and pave way for useful collaboration with world's best technology products. These centers are well equipped with new generation machine that facilitate the quick preparation of sample of new yarn varieties.

Our Research & development center not only comply with safety, regulatory & government standard but also has facility to ensure that we conduct test on new products & innovation on all the varieties of yarns and blends


Focus of the company has remained to provide innovative solutions to the customers since its inception in 1991. We believe that innovation is not just introducing a new product but also taking it ahead through right implementation strategy that require fresh ideas to re-engineer an existing run-of-the-mill product. To make the end products more user friendly, contemporary and cost effective, continuous improvement in the processes is ensured.

To get the product noticed, innovations are not required in getting the final product but also in the services, packaging, logistics etc. Due attention is paid on the content as well as packaging of the final products. Customer feedbacks are regularly collected during our pursuit to achieve excellence. Continuous evaluation during implementation of ideas is ensured for better products and services.

Protective Wear

Through high performance personal protection textiles, we offer a one stop solution for specialised inherently flame-resistant protective fabrics and garments through our vertically integrated facilities. We have the capacity to serve diversified markets ranging from Defence forces, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power/Energy, Municipal Utilities, Railway, Mining & Metal and Automotive. With our synergies on the supply chain, manufacturing and R&D we are able to offer tailor made solutions.


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