Sustainability and innovation is engrained into the culture of Maral starting from sustainability in production designs, sustainable practices in the industry in terms of standards and certificates, sustainable business models to environmental sustainability in the textile industry. It dwells on its professional strength while ensuring transparency in information sharing to the satisfaction of the valued consumers. We understand at Marval that consumers of today are better informed and increasingly expect ecologically and socially acceptable products along with sustainable solutions in the industry. Increasingly, as manufacturers also we are committed to tapping innovation potential and promoting sustainable development

Every step in the production chain focuses on different aspects of sustainability with production factors including water and energy consumption, availability of sustainable raw material, effects of waste production, use of chemicals including dyes and coatings to social responsibility towards the employees and the community at large. Here, sustainability standards and certificates are concerned with the safety of the consumer, the manufacturer, the society, and the environment at large. For Maral Overseas Limited, sustainability is an important principle of its corporate mission and as an organisation we take specific measures to be part with this ideology.

Energy Management: Keeping Focus on energy efficiency

Energy conservation has assumed paramount importance at Marval which is manifested through use of modern technologies to make sustainable yarn, fabric and garments. With Investment in energy-efficiency technologies and practices we have been able to meet the challenge of product quality maintenance with reduced production costs. This is especially important in the current scenario, as energy-efficient technologies often include “additional” benefits such as increasing the productivity of the company or reducing the water and/or materials consumption. These energy-efficient technologies also ensured optimal utilization of the equipments.

With this focus, we look forward to work with companies to reach sustainability goals and save our planet. We have installed in 1011 KW capacity solar panels which generate 1.4 million Units per year and helps in replacing the conventional energy usage.

Maral has been continually working on energy conservation through improved operational and maintenance practices. All the machines in the plant, at various locations undergo energy efficient audit through experts to ensure the quality and analyse the performance of the machines. The parameters analysed during the auditing helps in optimization of its working with decreased energy consumption during the process.

Water management: focus on efficient use and waste water treatment

We are part of intensive water use sector and thus enormous quantities of wastewater are generated from different manufacturing processes at our plants. At Maral, with commitment to our core value of sustainable practices as central to our business, we explore various opportunities for water reuse through use of best treatment technology and rational management of water use to make waste water reusable and recyclable.

Maral is making significant moves toward sustainability by undertaking activities through treatment technologies for treatment to recycle and reuse wastewater. This recycled water has the potential to greatly reduce the virtual water used in the industry. Sustainable water use and management are now recognized as bottom-line essentials at Marval not just in terms of efficiency but in terms of maintaining public health, growing water costs, regulatory pressures, consequently, public support.

Raw Material Management: We go for green

Cotton a plant-based fibre, is a primary raw material at Maral and thus more sustainable than synthetic fibers. Being natural, biodegradable and renewable, it’s a popular choice for brands, consumers and manufacturers looking to make more sustainable fabric choices. But cotton comes with its fair share of social and environmental risks as its production requires lots of water and can be chemically intensive, with pesticides that contaminate soil and groundwater and affect farmers’ health. This can have negative effects on water supplies, natural ecosystems and biodiversity, impacting local landscapes and communities.

At marvel we strive towards the scope for sustainable solutions by reducing consumption of water pesticides and fertilizers and opting for organic cotton or cotton grown using sustainableconservation practices as raw material.

Chemical Management: Promising consistency , Responsible Chemistry

Green Chemistry assures a series of reductions leading to economic, environmental, and social improvements Maral has recently upgraded its ZHD with latest zero liquid discharge system. All effluent water is treated and 95% reused in dyeing operations. Our chemical inventory is uploaded and maintained online platform to ensure that there is no banned chemical in store at any point in time. This offers an upstream solution to many of the health, environmental, and economic problems.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Maral Overseas Ltd. have been very sensitive in taking on social initiative and integrating them in their business processes. Keeping in view the Indian corporate settings, the Group has recognized that besides growing their businesses, it is also important to shape responsible and supportable relationships with the community at large.

“The Group believes that creating strong business and building a better world are not contradictory goals – they are both fundamental components for a long and sustained success”

The spririt of the Company as it stands today is based on a strong foundation nurtured by a strong commitment to its people, society and the environment. It applies best industry practices whether in the area of environmental consciousness, social responsibilities or initiatives centered on its valuable human resource. The Group strives for the best with a strong belief in the all round development while building of team spirit among its members to growth of societal at large.

With strong integrity as the basic character of the Group and commitment for the cause of social progress of its people within & outside the project sites, contributions have been made in several areas. Our investments in CSR initiatives respect the growth and development of marginalized communities and care for environment. The initiatives in the field of social responsibility have largely been in the area of education, public health, ecology and local infrastructure development. The activities undertaken as part of CSR are sustainable in the long run as it involves activities that the Group upholds without negatively affecting its business goals.

The CSR initiatives of the Group are in following key areas:

  • Care for Environment: While, society at large is gaining awareness on green technologies and looking for eco-products, the Group is committed to tapping innovation potential and promoting sustainable practices to build and nurture a green environment by planting thousands of trees, promoting sustainable farming using less amounts of water, hazardous chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers; adopting eco-friendly production processes; using less energy for production processes; and recycling the water from the dyeing and finishing plant. Its dedication to ecological preservation and development does not stop at official certifications like EMS-14001 compliance alone. Intensive plantation drives, regular waste management programs and implementation of the Kyoto Protocol are just some of the measures that are regularly undertaken. Green Tech safety award and other such acknowledgements are proof of the Group’s efforts in this direction
  • Commitment to Health care: Health care is extended through fully equipped dispensary, hospital, doctors, and paramedics for round-the-clock service. Provisions for a 24X7 free ambulance in case of any road accident have also been made. Arrangements are also made for organizing regular medical camps to promote good health through awareness generation and free health check-ups, immunization and sanitization programs.
  • Education as a door to bright future as the Group runs a number of Schools around its 50 km vicinity of the factory to ensure primary education for drop out girls who could not continue formal education due to various socio-economic reasons. Education is also promoted through other schools by providing subsidized education to the children of the Group employees and neighboring towns. Scholarships are also provided to encourage higher education among the meritorious children of all employees.
  • Social Welfare of people: We believe that authority has only one duty in the end - to secure the social welfare of the people. Welfare of its workers is vital for the Group. We take an humanitarian approach that promotes improvements in general physical working condition, addressing day to day problem of the workers and nurture healthy social relationships at the place of Work. This includes providing essential infrastructure facilities and social security net which may include education, housing, sustenance, healthcare and much more to the employees of the organization.
  • Employee’s holistic development is of paramount importance in terms of health, whether physical, mental or spiritual.. The Group’s plants foster a tightly-knit, family-oriented culture, which rests on the best possible physical infrastructure with fully integrated, self-sufficient residential complexes complete with social clubs, educational, medical and sports facilities. Drinking water, basic sanitation, roads and primary health care centers are a few of the facilities that the Group has provided over the years.
  • As an equal opportunity employer, the Group has encouraged the employment of the local population in its projects and at its plants. The Group is also an equal opportunity employer with no discrimination on the basis of gender, caste religion or ethnic origin. The Group promotes women work participation where large number of women employees work in a conducive and secured working environment. Our strict adherence to implementation and compliance of The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 is a proof of our commitment towards addressing any form of gender inequality.
  • The Group has been playing an important role in nurturing social & cultural bonds through facilitation and participation of its employees in all local cultural and religious functions that have become bonding points for the community. Socialization with employees through meetings/community events /celebration of religious festivals with workers to foster a sense of belonging and encourage two-way communication amongst workers Recreation through Sports club with facilities for gym, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, etc. to foster all round development. The Group has fostered development both independently and in partnership with local government and non-governmental development agencies.
  • All Business depends upon men fulfilling their responsibilities - Mahatma Gandhi

Sustainability at Maral With ISO

  • ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015 for Environment Management System
  • ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • HIGGS STANDARD 2018 for customer to monitor the supply chain

Social Responsibilities:- Our principals guide our work and action

We take pride and being responsible manufacture of quality yarns, fabric & garments on a global scale, We place the highest value on the safety & wellbeing of our employees.

We know our employees are responsible for our success, which is why we invest in their training and development as well as a world class safety programs. We believe in open communication throughout the hierarchy.

All the machines in the plant ,at various locations, are audited by the expert to check the quality and to analyse the performance of the machines. There are various parameters which are analysed during the auditing which helps the working of machine at optimum level with less consumption of energy water used during the process.

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