Intimation to Stock Exchange as per Reg. 30 of Listing Regulation Exchange

Shri Lakshmi Niwas Jhunjhunwala :Chairman-Emeritus
Shri Shekhar Agarwal :Chairman & Managing Director
Shri Ravi Jhunjhunwala :Director
Shri Shantanu Agarwal :Joint Managing Director
Dr. Kamal Gupta :Independent Director
Shri Priya Shankar Dasgupta :Independent Director
Smt. Archana Capoor :Independent Director
Change in Board of Directors
1.Shri L.N. Jhunjhunwala resigned as a director of the Company w.e.f 21st April, 2014.
2.Smt. Geeta Mathur resigned as an additional director of the Company w.e.f 29th July, 2015.
3.Smt. Archana Capoor appointed as Additional Director w.e.f. 6th November, 2015.
4.Smt. Archana Capoor appointed as an Independent Director at Annual General Meeting of the Company held on 29th September, 2016 for a period of 5 years i.e. upto 5th Nov, 2020.
5.Shri Dharmendar Nath Davar resigned as a Director of the Company w.e.f 24th July, 2019.(under the head of Change in Directorship)

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